Fabtech 2.25DLSS RESI PASS FTS800932P


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Dirt Logic 2.25 Resi Shock. Dirt Logic 2.25's are designed to replace factory shocks with a larger, more robust configuration. The 2.25 size is what separates it from other replacement take apart shocks for a superior ride, both on and off road. Shocks are pretuned for each Fabtech suspension, accounting for larger tires, providing the finest all around damping. Features: 2.25in OD Stainless Steel Body. 2.0in OD Billet Aluminum Piston. 7/8in NitroSteel BlackPiston Rod. Polyurethane Mounting Ends. 2.25in OD Aluminum Reservoir w/-6 Stainless Steel O-ring Hose. Extended Length - E18.48. Collasped Length - C13.32. Stroke Length - S5.16. Top Mount - S38. Bottom Mount - CLV.