Fabtech 2.5DLSS C/O N/R F150 2" PAIR PACKAGED FTS22200


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Dirt Logic 2.5 Coilovers. From our desert racing experience the Dirt Logic 2.5 has been developed for exceptional performance in a variety of Coilover applications. The Dirt Logic 2.5 will provide incredible dampening capacity for aggressive offroad driving. Features: 2.5in OD Stainless Steel Body. 2.25in OD Billet Aluminum Piston. 7/8in NitroSteel Black Piston Rod. Cold Wound Coil Springs. Adjustable Coilover Construction. 5/8in Spherical Ball Mounting Ends. Extended Length - E23.21. Collasped Length - C17.96. Stroke Length - S5.25 . Top Mount - TP. Bottom Mount - B1.