Fabtech 3" CRAWLER W/ DLSS 2018-20 JEEP JL 4-DOOR


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Fabtech's JL Crawler long arm systems are built to meet the most experienced driver's expectations without having a questionably fabricated suspension. If you are in the market for a system that will work properly right out of the box and does not require continued fabrication and constant maintenance, look no further. A key part of the mounting of the Crawler's 5 Ton Link Arms to the frame is the geometry and ground clearance. The location of the frame side of the link arms is critical in providing superior handling throughout the travel range. Fabtech has found the sweet spot geometry for the link arms that provide a superior driving long arm system compared to all others on the market. Front link arm are mounted to a full width crossmember that spans frame rail to frame rail. This crossmember is a key in not only in mounting the Links arms at the correct geometry but it adds critical strength to the lighter weight JL frame for hard offroad use. Rear links attach to new frame mounts on the side of the frame for increased ground clearance and approach angle. The Fabtech lower Link Arms are massive and built of 2in OD .313 thick wall tubing that is guaranteed not to bend. Upper and lower Link Arms includes the Fabtech's legendary 5 Ton joints that come with lifetime guarantee of never wearing out. They are superior for offroad use with a smooth quiet operation on the street. Front & Rear Lower 5 Ton Link Arms. Front Link Arm Crossmember & Skid Plate. Rear Lower Link Arm Mounts. Front & Rear Corner Specific Dual Rate Coil Springs. Front & Rear Bump Stop Extensions. Front & Rear Sway Bar Links. Front & Rear Brake Line Drops. Front & Rear Track Bar Bracket. Heavy Duty Flipped Draglink. Front Shock Mount Brackets. Front & Rear Dirt Logic 2.25 Shocks.