Fabtech 4" SYSTEM 2017-20 FORD RAPTOR


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Fabtech's new 4in System for the Ford Raptor provides increased suspension height to allow use of 37in tall tires while retaining the factory SVT control arms and Fox Shox. The system features heavy duty ductile iron steering knuckles designed to handle 37in tall tires with the vehicle's ESC (electronic stability control) and Traction Control. Typically 37in tires will cause steering and brake issues on the factory Ford steering knuckles. Fabtech knuckles are designed for the oversized tires and will provide years of trouble free service. The Raptor SVT control arms are relocated with 1/4in thick steel Crossmembers retaining the travel features of the vehicle for offroad use. The factory Fox Shox are also retained with super stout front and rear shock extensions. To keep the front CV angles proper with the new ride height the front differential is relocated and comes with a 1/4 ? thick steel skid plate for protection.