Fabtech 5" RADIUS ARM KIT W/ PERF SHKS 2013-18 RAM 3500 4WD


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Fabtech's new Coil Spring Suspension Systems for late model Ram 3500 trucks will provide a smoother on road ride than factory with the ability to handle heavy loads and rough offroad use. As an industry exclusive Fabtech utilizes front coil springs with a straight spring design and patent pending angled lower mounts that produces a very smooth ride compared to stock. The factory springs are a high rate bowed style that naturally rides stiff with an overactive response to varying road conditions. Fabtech's straight design has a lower spring rate that provides a smoother ride yet still retains the factory carrying capacity of the vehicle when required. No other Ram suspension system can offer this. Fabtech's front straight coil springs will provide a noticeable ride quality improvement of the vehicle compared to stock.