Fabtech 6" 4LINK SYS W/ 4.0 & 2.25 DL 2017 FORD F450/F550 4WD DIESEL


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Fabtech's 6in 4 Link Conversion system for the Ford F450 and F550 Super Duty is built to handle the on and offroad demands of the truck enthusiast. 2in OD Heavy wall link arms have 1/4in thick steel brackets at the axle with adjustable alignment cams and Fabtech's legendary 5 Ton joints to pivot at the frame for an extended service life. The 4 Link Arms attach to stout 1/4in thick steel frame brackets for a solid mounting of the new suspension and factory track bar to center the axle under the vehicle with the increased lift height. The Dropped Pitman Arm uses forged steel construction with high strength material that exceeds the factory specifications. 1/4in thick steel drop brackets reposition the front sway bar for the increased ride height. This allows the sway bar link ends to fully cycle without binding throughout the extended travel range. Brake Line Brackets reposition the factory brake lines down on the frame for the new travel range without having to open the brake system. Keeps factory fluid system intact. Steering Stabilizer Brackets retain the factory F450 or F550 long travel steering stabilizer with a 1/4in thick steel bracket and support brace to help reduce tire shimmy. Steel rear lift blocks replaces the factory blocks for additional lift without changing the ride quality or load carrying capacity. American made U-Bolts designed to attach the entire rear differential to the vehicle. Simplistic super stout 1/4in thick steel brackets utilize the factory coil bucket to bolt in the big Dirt Logic 4.0 Coilover. A massive 4in diameter stainless steel body with 1.25 NitroSteel piston rod for maximum corrosion resistance and durability for the most aggressive driving conditions. The remote aluminum reservoir dissipates heat for continuous damping when driving over extreme terrain at high speed. The rear Dirt Logic 2.25 Shocks are constructed of a stainless steel body with NitroSteel piston rod for maximum corrosion resistance and durability.