Fabtech 6" BASIC SYS W/STEALTH 2014 FORD F150 4WD


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Ford's 2014 F150 has been updated with slight changes to the suspension platform and Fabtech has taken advantage of this by developing an affordable 6'' Suspension System. This new system includes heavy duty 1/4'' thick steel lower control arm crossmembers with an integrated front differential skid plate for protection and increased front suspension strength. Fabtech extended length ductile iron steering knuckles allow use of 18'', 20'' or 22'' wheels. Includes front spacers utilizing the factory Coilover shock while the rear receives Fabtech'stealth shocks. This system comes with Fabtech's 5/60 Powertrain warranty, five years or 60,000 mile warranty on the vehicle with a Fabtech'suspension. Estimated installation time - 4 hrs. No drilling or welding required.