Fabtech 8 Inch Radius Arm System with Coils & Stealth Shocks | 2017-2021 Ford F250/ F350 4WD DIESEL - K2265M

Fabtech 8" Radius Arm System w/ Coils & Stealth Shocks


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Fabtech’s 8″ Radius Arm system for the Ford Super Duty is built to handle the on and offroad demands of the truck enthusiast. This Radius Arm system is a heavy duty upgrade to the factory suspension and will provide additional strength to the vehicle.

The heart of this quality system is Fabtech’s legendary tubular Radius Arms. The design of these arms comes from Fabtech’s racing experience and are built with a tubular structure reinforced by dimple die side plates and heavy gusseting for rugged offroad use. They are superior in strength to the stock stamped arms.

Unique to this 8″ system is Fabtech’s extended length Track Bar to address the hyper sensitive steering box of the late model Super Duty. Fabtech is the only manufacturer with this ground breaking system that offers proper steering performance. Fabtech’s extended length Track Bar is 4″ longer than stock and is offset to the driver side with a stout 1/4″ thick steel mounting bracket. This design helps keep the Track Bar and Draglink closer to parallel than the factory angles to reduce push in the steering. The Track Bar allows for full lock steering of 15.50 wide tires w/ 4 3/4″ BS wheels.

This high quality 8″ System provides increased strength and performance for the demanding Super Duty enthusiast.

System includes a free 5 year 60,000 mile powertrain warranty.

Fits 2017-2021 Ford Super Duty F250/F350 4WD - Diesel