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Rock Deflectors

by Saints SALE
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These Rock Deflectors will help keep the rocks from flying around in your rear fender area and also from spraying your rear bumper with those heavy rocks surely to leave a mark. If you like to throw your truck side ways and get on the gas then you might want a pair of these. The problem is the rocks flying off your rear tires will blast the inner area of your rear bumper and cause outward dents while blasting the paint off the other end, leaving it open for rust. Same thing for your rear fenders. Rocks will deflect with enough force to put outward dents on your rear fenders around the rear tail lights cracking the paint. I've been quoted $125-$175 per panel for paintless dent removal. If the damage is to bad, cracking or blowing out chunks of your paint, the only option left is to re-paint your whole fender to do it right, costing in upwards of $500 per fender. If you wanna keep your truck looking fresh and potentially save you money later on, invest in a set of our Rock Deflectors. Made out of aluminum and powder coated semi gloss black.

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