Skid Plate 95100


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ICON Vehicle Dynamics Ford Raptor SVT Lower Control Arm Skid Plate System offers added protection in on or off-road situations for the factory aluminum arms. These lower control arms can dent or ding easily from smashing rocks and other offroad elements. We developed our ICON steel protective lower arm skid plates to help absorb those unexpected harsh impacts, reducing the risk of costly damage. ICON A-arm skid plates are a must-have for the avid off-roader that uses their Ford Raptor in situations such as hunting, chase trucking at off-road races, running dirt roads on the farm, or driving in harsh winter conditions with loaded down roads. Our skid plates also serve to provide some bolt-on visual improvements, simply making the truck look even more off-road capable than it already is. Raptor owners can make a sure bet that the ICON Vehicle Dynamics Lower Control Arm Skid Plate System will make their truck stand out in a crowd, all while being able to come out unscathed in the nastiest offroad conditions.