Suspension Multi Purpose Bump Stop Kit 22019


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The 2007-2018 Jeep JK is a vehicle that possesses some great off-road capabilities in stock trim, but can benefit considerably with the addition of aftermarket suspension components. Realizing this, ICON engineers took a look at the JK as a whole, and developed an array of parts to take the performance of your Jeep to the next level. The ICON Vehicle Dynamics Front Hydraulic Air Bumpstop System was designed to provide a much smoother and more controlled ride when the vehicle is subjected to maximum suspension travel. This kit replaces the OEM foam bumpstops. Foam bumpstops have limited energy absorption capacity and can release rather uncontrolled upon rebound. The characteristics of the factory bumpstops translate into a harsh ride and poor handling in rough terrain. On the other hand, the ICON system has been tuned specifically for the Jeep JK to offer smooth engagement, maximum bottom-out resistance and controlled return. With a simple bolt-on installation, proven performance and no loss in travel there is no reason NOT to bolt up the ICON Vehicle Dynamics Hydraulic Bumpstop Kit to your Jeep and experience the difference.